Heller 80441 Ariane 5

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Scală: 1:125
Producător: Heller
Codul produsului: hlr80441
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Codul produsuluihlr80441
Greutate:0.40 kg
Adăugat în catalog:30.10.2004

The Ariane 5 is a modern European heavy carrier rocket. In the Ariane 5G version, its maximum length is 54 meters with a diameter of 5.4 meters. The rocket's own weight is approx. 746 tons. Its first launch took place in June 1996, and the 5 ES variant - in July 2018. All launches of this rocket took place from the Space Center in French Guiana. Ariane 5 was developed and designed jointly by the French CNES and the European Space Agency. Although it was created as a successor to the very successful Ariane 4 rocket, it was created almost from scratch and only slightly draws from the technical solutions of its predecessor. Its main tasks are to carry: satellites to the orbit around the earth (geostationary) and loads to the low orbit around the earth. The most modern version of the Arianne 5 rocket is the ES model, the first successful launch of which took place in 2008.

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Adăugat în catalog: 30.10.2004
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