Scală: 1:33
Producător: Gomix
Codul produsului: GOM-MK-FLM-146
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Codul produsuluiGOM-MK-FLM-146
Greutate:0.29 kg
Adăugat în catalog:27.12.2006

Scale: 1:33
Lenght: 51,0 cm
Width: 32,2 cm
Hight: 18,1 cm.
English Electric Lightning is a British twin-engine supersonic fighter plane. The flight of the F.1 version took place in 1960, and the F.2 four years later. Lightning is characterized by an unusual arrangement of engines - vertically one above the other. The very unusual wing contour and the lack of wing flaps are also unique. It was powered by two 7,260 daN Rolls-Royce Avon 302 engines with afterburning. The prototype of the serial Lightning was the machine marked as P.1B. From 1960, i.e. shortly after the final version was flown, the machine began to be delivered to RAF squadrons. In total, 338 machines of this type were created in six different versions (interceptor-F.1 and F.1A, fighter-bomber-F.53 and training-combat-T.4, T.5, T.55). The plane did not manage to interest any of the European recipients, but it was exported to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The RAF Lightning units were released in the 1980s. These planes were equipped with the Ferranti AI Mk 23 Aispass radar, and the main armament was Firestreak or Red Top air-to-air missiles with the IR system and two 30mm cannons. Technical data: Maximum speed: 2415 km / h, rate of climb: 254 m / s, maximum ceiling 12200 m, maximum range: 1290 km, armament: fixed - 2 30mm ADEN cannons, outboard - 2720 kg of bombs and rockets.
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Adăugat în catalog: 27.12.2006
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