MAC 72101 Bergetiger

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Scală: 1:72
Producător: MAC
Codul produsului: MAC72101
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Codul produsuluiMAC72101
Greutate:0.12 kg
Adăugat în catalog:27.12.2006

The Bergepanzer Tiger or Bergetiger (Sd.Kfz 185) was a German technical support and evacuation tank from the Second World War. The vehicle was powered by an engine Maybach HL230 P45 with 700 HP. It was armed with a single 7.92 mm MG34 machine gun.

Vehicles The Bergepanzer Tiger was created as a result of the reconstruction of the tank turret and the removal of the main armament from it in favor of a crane with a load capacity of up to 10 tons. A tow winch was also installed on the tower. It is worth noting that it is difficult to talk about serial production of Bergetiger vehicles - they were almost certainly created as a result of reconstruction carried out in overhaul units of individual armored divisions. We are talking exactly about the 506th and 508th Heavy Tank Battalions. Most likely, only four Bergepanzer Tiger tanks were built in both battalions and served in Italy in 1944. From the winter of 1944, one of the vehicles of this type served - probably - in the 501st Heavy Tank Battalion. However, in studies on this subject, you can also find other data on the number of Bergetiger carts and the place of their construction.

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Adăugat în catalog: 27.12.2006
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