Haliński KA-1-97 S-2 (Wilczur) - Polish Artillery Gunship

S-2 (Wilczur) - Polish Artillery Gunship - Image 1
Scală: 1:50
Producător: Haliński
Codul produsului: HAL-KA-1-97
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Codul produsuluiHAL-KA-1-97
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Adăugat în catalog:27.12.2006

Scale: 1:50

ORP S-2 Wilczur (originally MA / SB-44 and MGB-44) was originally a British, and then a Polish artillery chaser from the Second World War. The ship was built at the British Power Boat shipyard in Great Britain. The total length was 19.2 meters and the width was 5 meters. The maximum speed was 38-40 knots. In 1941, the ORP S-2 was armed with a single 20mm cannon, 6 7.7 and 12.7mm machine guns and depth charges. The unit could also use sea mines.

The MA / SB-44 artillery runner was launched in early 1940 for the needs of the Royal Navy. However, in July of the same year, it was handed over to the Polish Navy. The unit changed its name to ORP S-2, and was unofficially called Wilczur. The ship, part of the 3rd Flotilla of Racers, operated primarily on the La Mance Channel, protecting British cabotage and often conducting effective actions against the German Schnellbots. The most famous battle of the ORP S-2 was fought on the night of June 21-22, 1942, when it alone prevented the attack of 6 German S-boats on a British coastal convoy! The unit was withdrawn from service in July 1944, and after 1947 - most likely dismantled.

ORP S-2 (another designation: MA / SB 44 or MGB 44) was a cutter, also classified as an artillery chaser, of British production, and operated in the Polish Navy during World War II. The unit entered service under the white and red flag in July 1940 and remained in service until July 1944. Its full displacement reached about 31 tons. The length of the ship was 19.2 m, and 5 m wide, and her maximum speed was up to 40 knots during sea trials. The weapons - in 1941 - included: a single 20mm Oerlikon cannon, 6 machine guns cal. 7.7 and 12.7 mm, depth charges and sea mines. The presented vessel was built at the British Power Boat shipyard and belonged to the so-called the type of 63-foot cutters produced by this shipyard. These types of units were originally produced for Norway and Sweden, but at the outbreak of World War II, some of them were commandeered by the Royal Navy. The unit, already in Polish service, was initially part of the 3rd MGB Flotilla, where, together with ORP S-1 and ORP S-3, it formed the 3rd Division of the Flotilla. In the period 1940-1944, the unit took part in numerous operations on the English Channel, very often fighting with the German light forces. One of the most famous actions of the presented vessel was a lonely fight with 6 German torpedo boats on the night of June 21-22, 1942. It is also worth adding that for this feat, the captain of the unit - Cpt. Eugeniusz Wci¶licki - received the Silver Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari and the Distinguished Service Cross. The unit survived until the end of the war, and there are many indications that ORP S-2 was dismantled in 1947.

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