Unimodels 504 Soviet IIWW Truck GAZ-MM

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Producător: Unimodels
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Codul produsuluium504
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GAZ-MM is a Soviet light military truck. The first copies of this car appeared in the late 1930s. Serial production continued in the years 1938-1950. The drive was provided by a single carburettor engine with a power of 50 HP.

GAZ-MM was created as a development of the GAZ-AA truck, and the basic change concerned the use of a more powerful engine, which slightly improved the car's performance. GAZ-MM, was also a license-free copy of the American Ford AA truck. The truck was characterized by good driving characteristics, decent off-road mobility, and above all, it was relatively cheap to produce and easy to repair and use. In the first months of 1942, due to a shortage of raw materials, the production costs were further reduced by, for example: eliminating the door in the steering cabin, not installing front brakes or removing the front bumper. Cars of this type served in the Red Army throughout World War II.

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Adăugat în catalog: 22.3.2010
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