WAK 09-10-2015 "Trabaccolo"

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Codul produsuluiWAK09-10-2015
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Trabaccolo (other names: trabakul or trabakola) is the name of a type of sailing vessel commonly used in the Adriatic Sea, which appeared in this area in the 15th century. It is likely that the Venetians were the first to use this type of unit. The units of this were measured from 12 to 25 meters, and their payloads ranged from 50 to 200 tons. The crew consisted of 15-20 people. Trabaccolo type ships were characterized by a very simple structure, they were easy to use and had relatively large holds. Their downside was the low top speed. Most often they were made of oak and larch. They were characterized by a rounded bow, a very large rudder and two masts. Trabaccolo were used primarily as fishing and transport units, but also often as ships or armed transporters. At present, in the museum in the Italian city of Cesenatico on the Adriatic Sea, you can see a floating reconstruction of this type of ship.

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